Chronicles of Ascension

Book I - Chapter Two

Welcome to Phandalin

The group rolled into town late at night after with Sildar and proceeded towards various goals around town. Sildar, Gareth and Keyan went to the Stonehill Inn to re-cooperate while Loristel and Xanros pursued a few of their own goals in the town.

In the Inn Sildar met up with the proprietor Toblen Stonehill and rented rooms for his companions, thanking them once again for his rescue. Keyan and Gareth decided to settle in with the town folk for a while before taking to their rooms. Sildar decided not to join them, preferring to sit on his own and gather his thoughts.

Meanwhile Loristel visited the home of Sister Garaele. Hoping she might some information and offer guidance regarding her visions. Her famous social skills in full swing, Loristel didn’t make the best impression with the sister, who informed her such questions were better left until the morning. She departed and met up with Xanros who was on his way to meet up with his aunt at the Alderleaf farm. After a gracious greeting, Xanros gifted his aunt some money, she accepted begrudgingly and offered the pair a warm bed for the night. They agreed, although Loristel would spend the night in the barn, unable to fit in the small halfling beds.

Azor and Hotknutz arrived in town a few hours after the others, heading straight for the Inn to begin their search for information. After finding the local prices surprisingly cheap, Azor spread the wealth and purchased a few gallons of Ale for the tavern patrons. This was met with applause and much joy was had. Too much unfortunately for poor Gareth who’s famous Dwarven constitution failed him that night, he would scarcely remember anything the following morning. While their the pair met with Sildar and they discovered their common goals; the search for Iarno. He advised them to meet with him in the morning at the Townmaster’s Hall where he was to begin his search. The pair agreed and to spend the night at the Inn, enjoying the comfortate and entertaining the townsfolk, particularly the solemn music from Azor’s dulcimer.

The following morning Sildar, Keyan, Hotknutz and Azor set out for the Townmaster’s Hall to speak with the Mayor. Gareth elected to stay behind and spend the day in his room atoning for his excesses the previous night.

Loristel and Xanros departed the farm in the morning after a rather enjoyable halfling breakfast. They set out to Barthen’s Provisions to deliver the wagon they had been escorting and receive their compensation. Sildar had also aquired a loan earlier that morning and left their share of his reward for his rescue there. While there they learned of a group of thugs known as the Redbrands who have been terrorising the town.

Similar information was being gathered by the rest of the group at the Townmasters Hall. They learnt the the gang was led by a wizard known as Glasstaff. and had shown up out of the blue a few months ago. Little is known about their goals other than basically making life hard for the townsfolk. Although the Mayor seemed reluctant to do anything about the problem, preferring to just stay out of their way and urging the adventurers to not get involved.

After collecting their earnings, Loristel and Xanros went back to pay the Sister a visit, the hour more forgiving. Unfortunately she had little information regarding Loristel’s visions but believed she might be able to point her in the right direction. A member of The Harpers the sister had recently been sent into the woods to investigate a banshee named Agatha, who is believed to have great knowledge of the area. The Sister was meant to ask about the location of an ancient spell book belonging to a legendary mage known as Bowgentle. Unfortunately the banshee was quite temperamental, after appearing she promptly disappeared when the Sister was less than patient with her. She was unable to coax Agatha into appearing again. Sister Garaele believes that the banshee would definitely know the location of the shrine from Loristel’s visions and gave her directions to the Banshee’s lair near the ruined town of Conyberry.

After their meeting at the Shrine the pair noticed Azor and Hotknutz leaving the townmasters hall. Keyan having stayed behind to help Sildar with his investigations. The two groups approached each other, Azor and Hotknutz having heard about the other two from Sildar and Keyan. They exchanged pleasantries and discovered their similar goals, they also all took notice of a warning on the noticeboard near the hall, telling of Orc bandit raids in the area. They agreed this was probably worth investigating if they had the time, especially Xanros who decided that burning the notice was a good idea, preventing someone else from getting to any potential rewards first. This was quickly snuffed out by Loristel’s magic thankfully before anyone from around the town could notice. However before they could even raise their eyebrows at the strange behaviour exhibited by the little hafling, a cry came out from across the common.

“Hey! What’s with these fellas ’ere ’den”

four rough looking humans approached them wearing tattered red cloaks. Not wasting any time with deception the aggressors introduced themselves as members of the Redbrands. Attempts at negotiating seemed pointless, even with Hotknutz’s special brand of silver-tongued cockney swarve. Frustrated, and most likely bored, Xanros decided to approach the leader of the bandits directly, motioning him down to whisper something in his ear. The rest of the party found this quite odd and suspicious but they couldn’t make out what he was saying.

Whatever it was, it failed miserably and the bandit leader let out a boistorous laugh before pushing Xanros flat on his back. At this point the adventurers readied themselves, conflict it seems was inevitable at this point. Azor was swift and quickly approached the group, hissing violently he blasted the bandits with his powerful dragon breath. One of them attempted to fight back, swinging his sword violently at Azor but with very little effect, barley breaking through his scales.

Xanros reacted next, still slightly dazed he managed to gain his composure before grabbing a piton from his pouch and smashing into the foot of the bandit who kicked him down. The bandit screamed out in pain, his foot now firmly planted in the ground, unable to move.

Loristel saw the wounded state of the lowly bandits and took advantage. She stands back and delivers a cone of searing flame from her fingertips, expertly dodging her companions and delivering the killing blow to all but the now immobilised bandit leader.

Hotknutz called out the the bandit leader, urging him to surrender but he was too stubborn and angry to simply lay down his arms, scoffing at their mercy. Hotknutz would have none of this however and decided instead to deliver a swift blow to the bandit’s head with the hilt of his sword. Injured and barely able to react the bandit could not defend against this and was promptly knocked unconscious.

The town cheered, revealing in the display of heroism. The Mayor however, was not so pleased. He refused to allow the group to bring the captured bandit into his hall, fearing viscous reprisal from the rest of the Redbrands if they found out. His obvious cowardice did not impress the adventurers or Sildar. Unable to convince the man they decided to instead take the prisoner to Xanros’ family farm and interrogate him there. Sildar and Keyan stayed with the Mayor, attempting to calm him down.

Xanros was first off the block in the interrogation, but the halfing still thinks he’s bigger than he is and his attempt fails horribly. Thankfully the smooth talking of Hotknutz is able to loosen the Bandit’s tongue. Clearly only loyal to the coin, the bandit lets them know just about everything he can. It turns out the bandits are hold up under the abandoned manor to the east of town. He also confirms what they already know about the group being lead by a Wizard named Glasstaff, unfortunately he knows little more about him other than his name and profession. He also mentions that the Black Spider is tangled up with his group as well, again he has no idea of this figure’s identity but he knows that Glasstaff has been receiving orders from them.

Deciding this is worth investigating the group question the bandit about strategic information regarding the hideout. He obliges but knows little other than a secret entrance and word of ‘extra muscle’ being sent by The Black Spider to assist an upcoming operation. Satisfied with the information they’ve received the group, despite Xanros’ objections, decide to keep the bandit alive and send him to the Inn where Sildar and Keyan can keep watch over him while they investigate further.

Sildar is troubled by all the news and fears Iarno may be tied up in all this somehow, insisting that the group investigate. They agree and decide to head out the next morning and tackle the issue.

Before this however Loristel decides to question a few more people in town and see what else she can find out. Very little is known unfortunately but she does meet an elderly lady named Halia who owns the Miner’s Exchange. Halia doesn’t impart much knowledge but does offer a substantial reward for any documents they find in Glasstaffs quarters. She also seems interested in having the wizard killed. Loristel is interested by the offer and takes it under consideration but does not confirm this with Halia. She first discusses it with the group who seem to agree that there seems to be little harm in the arrangement.

The rest of the group all retreat back to the Inn and rest their wounds. Gareth, now recovered, agrees to meet them in the morning and assist with the bandit problem. Hotknutz and Loristel visit the trading post and gather a few supplies to prepare themselves for a possible fight ahead. While Hotknutz returns to the Inn with the other Loristel declines and takes a bag of strange components into the woods. She promises to return in the morning.



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