This small village was sheltered within the forest edges and nestled in hills on the edge of the Dessarin. Conyberry consisted of a dozen or so houses clustered on the east side of Neverwinter Wood. The adjoining homesteads spread out to the east and south, divided by a small cart track leading to Triboar.

Folk in Conyberry cut trees from the wood as needed and hunted on the fringes of the forest, snaring rabbits and growing crops to feed themselves. They also sought trade with any travelers who came through the area. They were very self-sufficient, needing only to purchase linens, finished clothing, dishes, and cooking wares from peddlers. Conyberry was also home for a couple of carpenters, Martin von Mensch the blade smith, and the Conyberry Hall, where two brewers who ferment disgusting beers.

The village was famous for the magical grove which was home to the elven banshee named Agatha. Although trolls and brigands lurked in the hills to the south, travelers found it faster to journey through Conyberry, except in winter. A harsh winter, also known in the region as “wolf weather,” caused hungry wolves to enter the community and raid food stores.

Conyberry was heavily affected by the Spellplague with “pieces” of Abeir being thrust into it. A lake appeared where once there was none, and various buildings took to the sky on the back of earth motes which suddenly rose up out of the ground. Folk from Abeir also appeared and, in due course, they banded together with the Torilian survivors for a few years.

A group of werewolves known as The Grey Wolves, regarded as probably the most deliberately evil of the Uthgardt barbarian tribes. Were Terrified by the Spellplague and its effects, the Grey Wolves saw Conyberry as an unnatural place and they ultimately culled the entire population. This, combined with the effects of the Sundering many years later, has left the town abandoned and in ruins.


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